Yoga – a hip escape to metaphysical high hills?

Over the years, since 1992 when I first started practising yoga, I have noted the various responses I elicit when I say I get on the mat on a regular basis.

My mum, bless her, even once told some family friends that I had gone to India for two years to study aerobics (it’s all the same to her). I fell about laughing.

Thinking back, I too graduated or shall I say “evolved” from the gym – loathe as I am to admit it! –  I was tired of the weekly step aerobics class. It was mind numbing. I was hungry for a deeper connection with myself and I knew this self was not limited to my abs and deltoids.

My former cynical boss at Deloitte’s once asked me having returned from India what it was all about. I cannot remember what my response was but I did assert that it was about the experience and not cosy intellectual knowledge which you digest in a Letts Guide to Yoga. And that those who do run to the metaphysical high hills, really suffer.

Yoga unleashes parts others activities dare not reach. Have a taster – lie down and listen to my complimentary marthas-9-minute-meltdown . It can be simple, uplifting, overwhelming, orgasmic, appeasing and energising – I once overdid it and felt like Kali, every word unleashing a fire of penetrating insight that burned the butts of my colleagues…


~ by gyandhara on December 11, 2008.

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