Ladies – Join The Yoga & Moon Bathing on Jan 10th

Walking home in the dark along a rainforested road in the Roseau Valley, I was struck with awe at the sky glistening with stars, and the night sounds enveloping me in what felt like an open air chapel.  This can be easy to miss if you are tucked indoors watching TV.

And it doesn’t get much better than this. Unless of course you have experienced the joy and play of soaking your bones in a pristine hot sulphur pool, mud-scrubbing, chatting and laughing, under the light of the full moon. This is part of  a bi-monthly women’s yoga moon-bathing event that Janet and I shall be co-hosting at Rainforest Shangri-La Resort on January 10th.

It is an open invitation to women who wish to step back, and relax in a number of ways and feel the support of being in the company of other wise playful souls.

We kick off with a yoga class at 5pm, followed by a discussion group, then a bring your own dish to share supper in the Roseau reeded restaurant, where you can spot colourful iguanas outside.  We then race down through the rainforest to the hot sulphur pools next to the cleansing torrents of the White River where we can wash off the healing soothing mud.

The benefits of the sulphur alone are too numerous to mention, anti-aging being one of them. Anyone who knows the owner Fred will testify to how the greying of his hair has reversed since living there and his energy levels have improved. I attended a talk recently where the pathologist stated that drinking highly mineralised water (versus soft water) adds up to 12 years to your lifespan, so pay heed.

So, if you need some time and space to relax after the Christmas festivities, start your new year with an evening spa treat which at 40EC each, is about the cost of a pedicure, but set in the magnificent volcanic surroundings of nature, lit by the moon, rather than the heat and crowds of Roseau.

And if you cannot make it,  please download my Martha’s-9-Minute-Meltdown relaxation podcast onto your ipod or mp3 player you may have received in your Christmas stocking.

Merry Christmas.


~ by gyandhara on December 23, 2008.

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