Feminine Futures

Now, I notice that some men are very sensitive when I or someone else talk about the power of the feminine (includes men as well) or women. So I wanted to keep my tongue relaxed when I was interviewed on Marpin TV last week about my work with leaders and my upcoming role as a facilitator at the Phenomenal Caribbean Women Symposium on 31st January.

A few older men over the years have admitted to me, “women run the show” and this was not said grudgingly but stated as fact. Now, I am not sure that women feel that way or are they just secretly pandering to their ego.

It is easy to forget the power of – making others feel included when you “don’t have to”, a reassuring touch, or a nice smile when there is other high profile behaviour which people feel gets you noticed more. I remember deciding, just before I was made redundant from Deloitte some 7 years ago, that I would not be miserable because my life was not ending. On my last day, a colleague came up to me and said he would always remember my smile.

And there I was thinking it was my expensive degrees that would make a difference! Nonsense – they were valuable, and, they can get in the way of being real and human. I have made an observation to a number of locals that in Dominica as some women become more educated they lose their warmth and approachability cos they have made it. This hit a chord with many, women included.

On Saturday, I felt there was a group of solid women who gathered together to yoga, eat,  hang out and mud-scrub by the tubs at Shangri-La. Plus, we had the extra zing from the full moon, Valda told us it was the biggest of the year, so there was this palpable feminine energy in bucket loads.

Current research clearly shows that the “future is female” – that is, to do well in teams, or as a leader, you need enhanced relationship skills and many women have that ability in spades. In a world with so much division, war and hatred, ladies, we need you to spread those skills around, simply by being a great role-model.

Here’s a photo of me hanging during Creole Festival with the womenfolk  from my family, with a few men spread around for decoration… As one of six sisters, I can appreciate the variety of shades we come in.the-women gathering at creole time


~ by gyandhara on January 13, 2009.

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