Bay Watch

My attention has been drawn away from here by my authoring role on the  Phenomenal Caribbean Women Symposium blog. I was on Q95 Radio this morning with Valda Henry talking about the inspiring speakers we have lined up. We  allayed Matt’s explicit fear that we are gearing women up “to take over” – poor Matt! Oops – I forgot to wear jasmine oil this morning to win him over – next time.

I have been on a mission with another oil this week, having discovered a whole colony of cockroaches in a couple of bags in cupboards. I am not normally precious but this stretched me. And my trusted ally? Bay oil! Do you remember your grandmother or mother telling you to put bay leaves in cupboards?

You can buy a bottle of bay oil from the Essential Oil Cooperative (+1 767 446 2969) 2 mins walk from the Cathedral.From 45 ECD. Clean your floors, everything. Cockroaches don’t like the smell.

It was my mate Terri Henry, natural birthing guress, who got me onto it. My mate Paul left with bottles of the stuff to England and swears it is a brillant way to keep slugs out of his garden (paint on pots – mix in with vaseline and salt).

And then I remembered an article about bay oil production in Food and Drink 2008.  I shall now be the unashamed Queen Of Trivia, courtesy of SHAPE.

  • Shape states Dominica is the largest producer of essential oils in the world(or is it just bay oil?).
  • Approximately 100lbs (4-5 bundles) of bay leaves will yield 1.5 litres of straight bay oil. This could sell for $75.
  • Eugenol, found in bay oil, may be allergenic to some users, but continues to be used as a main ingredient in dentists’ offices.
  • Domincan bay oil is regarded as supreme quality and carries more value due to the use of traditional technique of burning wood.
  • The Southeast coast of Dominica (Petite Savanne, Delices) contains entire mountain sides of bay leaf trees. And this is where I hiked last summer (see below).



~ by gyandhara on January 23, 2009.

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