Back to Life – reawakening the Sun Worshipper

For the first time in three months I felt like the heat was firmly re-installed in my body and I gleefully broke out of my cocoon. Living in a valley can be a wet dampening affair. And whilst my family froze their proverbials off in the UK, I was being warmed by the afternoon sun, in a bikini, doing a Halle Berry impression. I had not been to a beach for a while and when I experienced the warm sand under my toes, the sunlight passing like a caressing laser down my spine, and my skin warm to the touch, I thought – yes, this is what it is all about.


And this need was satiated further by the fantastic hike on Saturday organized by DABX and Dwivayez along the coastal rocky shore from Cabana to Woodford Hill. It was a perfect day. I felt so at one with myself, the dramatic shoreline and the group. As the full moon was almost upon us, the trail became a bit tricky at times; it wasn’t there as the high tide was creeping in…



~ by gyandhara on February 10, 2009.

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