Valentine Venues – from bush to coastal hideaways

Now that you have cleansed your innards following my Valentine Prep Castor Oil Purge, my attention now turns to interesting spots for a Valentine love-in, in tune with the energy of the island, by bush and sea.

Having a friend stay means you do the rounds on the island and discover new things every time. And I always include a visit to one of Jem’s tree houses at Rosalie Forest. So after a late afternoon dip in the cool waters of the Mermaid Pool (photo in my header), we tucked into fish soup, before hiking up to our tree house Chatagnier.


Unfortunately Linzi left her banana exposed so during the night someone decided to help themselves, only leaving half the skin behind as evidence, should we wish to lodge a complaint with the Agouti Cops.

After she left I checked out Stacey and Gina’s bar Escape and ended up singing my own version of cadence to a guitar-playing George. I was given a tour of some of the Red Rock Haven rooms available, and decided to test out one of the beds.


I felt like Princess and the pea.


~ by gyandhara on February 10, 2009.

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