Summer yoga and bathing with Diann & Martha

As my terrible twin is back on island for the 5th year running, Diann and i are co-hosting a lazy, easeful yoga & full moon bathing event on Sunday 5th July.

Diann and Martha

As it is being held on a Sunday we are holding the option that ladies can arrive early at 3m before the yoga at 5. This means you can whizz down to the pools, sink into the relaxing waters of the warm sulphur water whilst gazing at the rush of the river and float back up and find yourself gliding into yoga poses like you never have before. Check out Diann’s new kaftan, part of new our LoveLines label.

So come at 3 or 5pm and stay until when the moon glistens down on you as you let your bones melt in the glistening pools. RSVP martha (at)

  • 40ECD.
  • Women only.
  • Bring a dish and some laughter to share.
  • Invite a girlfriend who needs to learn what it is to nurture yourself.
  • All moods welcome, both your Jekyll and your Hyde. The day will transform you.

See you there….


~ by gyandhara on July 1, 2009.

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