Herb Power is growing in Dominica

“Dominicans are eating grass” was the verdict of one wise Dominican lady who is watching the rise of people returning to their healing heritage of herbs. As is often the case, the shift to things that are simple and natural can take a while as we are often schooled to value complexity…

Dominican healer Ras Bobby told me how only 1 person attended his first seminar many years ago in Roseau.

Now he cannot keep up with the demand for his products (call his sister at Spack’s 440 6969 to check on supplies). In many cases it is cheaper, more effective, and less invasive than the expensive surgery than many women feel forced to undergo to deal with conditions like fibroids. I personally met a woman who had her medical test papers to show the before and after state of her body when she took the herbs for 3 months. The shift was dramatic, and the story of the toxins that came out of her not for the squeamish. Great thing, she no longer needs to undergo surgery and take weeks off work (she already paid 2,300 ECD for it tho’…). She sauntered into the shop, beaming like she had won the lottery. Aah, whoever allowed that cheap hormone laden low-grade chicken to be imported into this isle has a lot to answer for..

So, less than 24 hours back from my Gene Keys retreat in the US, I was already assisting Ras Bobby in his herbal seminar at the Garraway Hotel. Another healer Sandra, also from Pointe Michel made us laugh with her entertaining tales about the power of herbs. That coastal area sure does churn out leaders for all walks of society – his sister is Ophelia Marie Dominica’s Lady of Song and the Attorney General of Antigua also hails from the same coastal strip.

Bobby brought the live herbs for people to smell, see and touch. It was wonderful to have all these aromas assaulting the senses and clearly stirring memories of powerful kitchen sink medicine by wise healers of the village who just happened to be your mum or grandmother.

I have been sampling a number at home: dandelion, rosemary (good for memory so if you have an exam drink some!), and others too numerous to mention!


~ by gyandhara on May 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Herb Power is growing in Dominica”

  1. Fascinating- all those toxins must come out!

  2. Dandelion is extraordinary in its well documented (empirical) ability to help the liver recover from detoxification (p 450 enzyme)

    I would love to see Dominica really pick up more on Noni fruit remedies for balancing blood sugar; (like many cactus & desert plants, it slows absorption of sugar – which helps balance the level of sugars in the blood. This is therapeutic in all diabetes and obesity.

    It is very exciting to see Dominica really move in this direction! After all, it is Nature Island!

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