Sweet Vibes at Health and Wellness Expo last Sat

We could not have wished for better weather. People chilling with their fruit bowl from Marcia’s stall, enjoying the sweet pan lunchtime music whilst their friends sampled massages, Gene Keys, high quality wholegrain bread, Thai massage, spinal scans, yummy live dishes such as mango cheesecake prepared by Barbadian chef Chantel Selman.

The tent I was in got hotter as the massage therapists did their magic, and I had people lining up patiently to perform a Life Check on themselves – sort of like doing an MOT on your car – how well is your life running? I talked with a variety of people, wide age span, and included the Hon. Ian Douglas, Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs. Here is now, learning about the Gene Keys of Dominica.

We had yoga both from Trudy and Charity who combined it with African dance and more besides in her morning workshop. Trudy of Rainbow Yoga aptly demonstrated that yoga is for all ages, from 2 to 80s.

I then had my 4pm slot to explore my Gene Keys work with a group of engaged Dominicans. It is the first time I have publicly done this so it was very gratifying for me.


~ by gyandhara on May 25, 2010.

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