How much does it take to keep your behind clean and green?

Here I am, aglow with two locally made products –  Emerald Touch loo roll and enchanting flowers from Roots Organic Farm, and I am starting to feel a bit uneasy.

Firstly, when I bought the loo roll at a store beginning with A, the cashier wanted to give me a black plastic bag. When I refused saying I didn’t want a whale or fish to eat it, I caught them off guard. The security guard was surprised, as he advised me to take one so as not to “let people know my business”.

I said I we all know we need to go to the toilet and after living in India for 2 years I have lost a lot of self-consciousness about bodily functions (I didn’t even use loo roll 99% of the time… and I dubbed the grove area outside the ashram compound used on a daily basis by locals as “Peristalsis Parkway” ).

And, Dominicans know your business anyway, and if they don’t, they make it up!

So we ended up engaging in a discussion about plastics, how they are disposed of (i.e. out to sea or burned), his awareness of plastic bag bans being enforced elsewhere in the world, and possible related illnessed and herbal remedies. (This conversation seems to be a recurring theme, as it happened in Breezy Mart as well last Sat- Mark just what have you done to me??). He concluded I was a very nice pleasant lady, Ceels looked on in amuse/bemusement and off we went home.

Secondly, just how water-intensive and polluting is an industry as this loo-roll making? I read an article about it somehow when the business was first launched. I feel the need to find out…..


~ by gyandhara on October 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “How much does it take to keep your behind clean and green?”

  1. Yes….I wanna know what they make that loo roll from – if it’s locally made is it from our trees? (I doubt but you have to wonder) or could it be made from recycled paper (that would be amazing!!!) Also if it’s so environmentally sound they should wrap it in paper not plastic…I’ve noticed a few imported loo rolls that have an ‘environmentally friendly’ label with no indication where the paper comes from and definitely not wrapped in anything biodegradeable…hmmmm and as for that yucky scented loo roll with eco-stickers don’t even get me started… So I’m with you girlfriend…do your investigation and let me know what you come up with…in the meantime you can recycle loubiere water bottles, keep them by the loo and use them for hmmm what shall we call it…washable non-tissue bottom cleaner!

  2. I asked them. They told me the paper is done elsewhere (they told me where but I forgot). They import it in bog rolls and process it into small ones. This is no eco buesiness. Just a small Dominican business trying to survive in the supermarkets junle. I support it anyway because it’s local. It is not worse than other papers. Not lot better neither, I agree too. By the way, if you go to the factory (Canefield Industrial Site), you can get one roll for one doll.
    Using water fo our bottoms cleaning ? I did it a lot in Africa… when water available. Certain leaves can make the job too and do not wet your underwear.

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