Come “Pray The Devil Back To Hell” Doc Film at UWI Open Campus 24 Feb 2011

Teetee Weisel, a Liberian who fled the war with her family with two suitcases in 1990, now lives in Dominica. She has been a great source of inspiration and live commentary and will be a guest speaker, along with Calypsonian Tasha P, at the first showing of the film “Pray The Devil Back To Hell”.

We were on Matt’s show on Q95 this morning. Here is a link to the 15 minute radio slot where we talk about the film and Teetee’s fleeing Liberian and Liberian history.

This documents how ordinary women, Christians and Muslims, united their voices to demand peace when Charles Taylor and the warlords sat at the negotiation table in Ghana.

A powerful inspiring film that makes you wake up to where you are keeping silent……

It reminds you: you don’t need credentials (PhD etc.) to make a difference!

Where? UWI Open Campus, opposite Roseau Botanical Gardens

When? 7.30pm

How much? A minimum contribution of 10 EC

See you there!


~ by gyandhara on February 23, 2011.

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