Reminiscing: My New Year in India 8 years ago….

God bless Yahoo. Recovered: an email of 8 years, when  I lived and studied in India, at Bihar Yoga Bharati in Munger, which at times reminded me of Dominica in terms of foliage and food available.

Hi all

Well, thermals are in and bikinis are out!

I’m so glad my very co-operative sister Liz sent me a super warm TNF sleeping bag as I can comfortably hibernate whilst my class mates freeze You would think that living in a dorm with 9 other women would warm things up a bit but alas not. I got tired of lugging my laptop and peripherals up to Ganga Darshan so I applied to ‘sleep over’ for two nights over New Year’s. It was so nice i was treated like a long lost friend, given food and incense to make my new dorm feel cosy and spent New Year’s Eve eating chocolates that a friend scrounged off the Koren women who buy truck loads of food as they cannot handle the ashram fayre.

I have been giving in to my creative urges with varying degrees of success. I have now written two articles for the yoga magazine, one on maintaining silence and the other based on my old school motto ‘serviam’ = ‘I shall serve’ for the ignoscentes. The editor likes my pithy style and says I write clearly which I may say I did not do for the recent exams – results still pending.

i also participated in the New Year’s show. the theme was the five elements so most of it took place outdoors. As we have two circus performance on the short course it was quite a show. Delia, did amazing things with two pieces of red cloth tied to a high branch of a tree. we also had a fire show, Maori wailing. My role, if you can believe it was to play a didgeridoo which I had started to learn that very day. Talk about high risk strategy and play to your weakness – I play no musical instrument. I had originally been asked to blow a conch but couldn’t make it sound right so i gave up lest my lips fell off. I seemed to hit it off straight away with the didgeridoo  but it was not alright on the night. the sound that came out sounded like a cow fart and my friends started to laugh which meant I did which is a no-hoper for playing it. I was teased a number of people the following day.

My singing of Indian mantras or kirtan is a much more successful endeavour. I have been complimented on my accent and I shall continue to sing the scales whilst playing the notes on my harmonium – Billy Preston and Syreeta move over.

On New Year’s Day, Katya decided to paint my face in a style used for special occasions and this is the result. I had one male classmate come up to me bemused and say ‘what are those dots on your face for’ with typical tact. Katya also took this photo. Unfortunately she leaves for South Africa at the end of the month so I lose my portrait photographer. It reminds me of some sci-fi tv series where a woman had funny eyebrows. It’s Star Trek meets India. You can also see that although i am living simply and freezingly, I am still a walking ad for The North Face – it’s been the best non-bargain stuff I ever bought!

Later & HNY



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