Yoga and Meditation at Fort Young Hotel this week

I will not ask you to scale such heights during these yoga/meditation classes but it is an inspiring shot of my friend Tiff


Class summary this week

  • Mon 5 Sept 5.30pm-6.30pm –   NEW – Introduction to Meditation
  • Wed 7 Sept 5.30-6.45pm  –   Stress Management – unwind shoulders, back & pelvis
  • Thur 8 Sept 5.30-6.45 pm –      A more dynamic class
  • Fri 9 Sept  – 7am-8.15am  –     Restorative – energising breath work + Yoga Nidra


Please bring
– your body, whether stiff, self-conscious or alive is welcome.
– Where? Fort Young Hotel, Sky Terrace if dry.
– a yoga mat or you can rent one from FY reception for 2EC
– 25EC for residents or 15USD visitors



MONDAY 5.30pm – 6.30pm – Introduction to Meditation

It was only from living and studying in India for 2 years that enabled me to appreciate the depth to which the Western world lives in and is dictated to by endless mind chatter: fears, beliefs and identifications of our mind.
This has given me a completely different perspective on my former role in corporate finance, in which the quality of individual and collective minds shaping our global financial systems has led us to what we are now experiencing.
This class is designed to:

– simplify and de-mystify meditation.

– break down and break up some of the myths and false propaganda as to why people are interested in it,

– get you to experience what it does, and the pitfalls,

– and why some never seem to catch the meditation fever.


Meditation can use many objects which serve as the object of your attentionwhilst the real work goes on behind the scenes: body signals (breath/pain/thoughts/emotions), universal images, biblical passages, a leaf, trance-inducing herbs, candle flame, and mantra.


Meditation – Benefits – what’s in it for you?
Stillness (which is not spacing out!), peace of mind, growth, confidence, deepen your relationship to your God, and to remember your humaneness. It increases your capacity to pay attention to and see the link between what is going on inside reflected outside. And on a practical level, to help you be a master of your email, Blackberry and other gadgets where you may feel pressured to be permanently “on”.

Can yoga benefit you?
You can only tell if you come and experience it for yourself, not by reading about it or speaking to someone about it. It is not an intellectual path, but an experiential one.  It takes a willingness and openness to experience something which may initially take you beyond your comfort zone but where have you experienced anything of value that didn’t???

Yoga is not Indian, although much of this path was formally codified there, but universally practiced. Your body is the laboratory, and you are both the observer and observed, aided by your awareness and breath. It is a systematic process to unpeel that which separates you from being your most effulgent self and shattering the illusion that you are separate from life.

So consider this email as an invitation to experiment with how yoga can bring peace of mind, calmness of spirit and a release of deep-seated body tension which can result in illness if left unchecked. your quietness of your mind and the clarity of your heart. This dissolves emotions, instead of you spewing them onto loved ones and colleagues. So see your emotional intelligence grow on the mat, with your breath and body guiding you to your feelings, without voting or wishing it to be different.

See you there?




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