Finding Your Voice

I find the sad irony in starting to sing on the same weekend as one of the modern greats, Whitney Houston, departs with hers.

From famine to feast. A year in the making, since Free and I did an improv spectacle at the 50th birthday bash of Sam Raphael, of Jungle Bay fame, where I sang the poem I had literally written on a back of a napkin.

Last Friday, accompanied by Free Joseph, Dominican musical talent , I riffed, laughed, wobbled, yelled, crooned and went low…


Then later that same evening I did a variation with other very talented Dominican musicians, Nelly Stharre and Trevy.

Nelly drumming deep in th heart of Dominica


This is in addition to being asked to write for a Jamaican magazine called, NexGeneration, committed to providing a holistic informed view about the issues facing community and education in the Caribbean. My first article arrived in the post last week. I have a PDF copy if anyone is interested in reading it – “Dominica, The Wild West of the Caribbean”. Polly Pattullo a Domincan-adoptee, owner of Papillote Press (Publisher of The Snake King and other goodies) heads the feature in giving a regional overview about tourism in the Caribbean.



~ by gyandhara on February 14, 2012.

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