The Baptismal Middleham Falls

With rocket speed I climbed the rocks after bracing the strong winds as torrents of water descended into the pool. I was surprised at my agility. Had I been reborn with Supergirl powers? I have visited this Fall a number of times but I never fail to discover something new about the Falls or myself. Again I almost ducked out of bathing. I tested the contours of a rock with my feet as I moved into warrior pose.


Higher at one end that the other, this proved to be a high risk pose given the gusts of wind and water pounding down.


Then I opted for crane pose, one foot was steadier than two it seemed…In balance I become wild, wild in the sense of natural, free, spontaneous. Awareness centered in the breath and body as the wind gusted on, I stood on rock, joyous, connected to my nature in nature.




~ by gyandhara on November 23, 2012.

One Response to “The Baptismal Middleham Falls”

  1. I read several of your blog entries and am impressed with your many adventures. I plan on coming to Dominica soon and spending about a month there. Hope it is long enough to rest, renew,rejuvenate and have my own personal experiences with the people ,culture, and environment. If I like it, I plan on returning to live. (smile)

    Thank you for sharing your many stories and experiences. You have inspired me to continue with my dream.

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