Plant Rite to Eat Rite

As spring is in full swing I start to get romantic thoughts about planting life in the soil around me. In a recent interview I spoke about returning to the soil. Is this the season to get my hands really in the grubs and bacteria that sustain life?

I have been umming and arrhing about planting more herbs in my garden since I moved hourse. My sporadic attempts so far have proven unsuccessful (a potent combo of too much rain and not enough attention..).

Well after visiting the Saturday Roseau market with my f riends Tom and Sybil, I may well have found some added support to have my own herb collection chez moi.

Plant Rite William Tom n Sybil
Enter William Rolle, owner of Plant Rite. With an impressive array of plants, soil and fresh produce for sale.

Plant Rite Menu Apr2014

I bought a lettuce and started thinking again about being a herb farmer on a small scale. Not the type now legal in Colorado but less contentious ones. It also triggers memories of spending a lovely Christmas in Missouri where I was taken by my friends the Etelas to a diner called Eat Rite. White gravy all the coffee you can drink. A world away from my thought of planting parsley and another aromatic offerings.


~ by gyandhara on April 28, 2014.

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