Wellness – what does this mean in Dominica for me and others?

Well, a creative challenge has been set. What can you do,say, depict about wellness in Dominica in 6 to 8 minute film? Plus take some cool shots of some of the wellness practitioners on the ground.

I sought inspiration this weekend in the heart of Dominica. I was invited by the Forcinelli family to visit their organic farm and homestead – Gaidad Gardens, tucked amidst the mountains that fed and sheltered some of the bravest our island has ever know. The likes of Bala and Jacko.

There is a clue on the main road on how to find them. It is painted on the newly constructed bridge, just past Maxine’s Riverstone place. This 26 acre oasis soothes the soul. Weather was perfect. The water deliciously cool to the toes.

The spirit wraps enlivening on the palate.

Arrived just in time to taste the refreshing spirit wraps

Arrived just in time to taste the refreshing spirit wraps

We discussed many topics that day, community wellness, living simple, future farm tours, the trials of living here, and why it gets people to return to her forested shores. We left inspired by the family, the beautiful wood artistry and with a bar of the Neg Mawon coconut chocolate – 68% cacao!.



~ by gyandhara on September 30, 2014.

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