Martha Cuffy

I finally decided to take the plunge and move to Dominica in 2008. The idea first surfaced six years ago through a bodily sigh as I gazed at the church in Soufriere whilst bathing in the sulphur pool by the sea.

I was born in the East End of London in 1969 and my curiosity has led me to live, work and study in France, Germany and India, US and the UK. My parents are from different parts of the island: Grand Bay and Riviere Cyrique.

I truly believe that the two years I spent studying for an MA in yoga Psychology in a remote part of India in the world’s first yoga university was my informal training for life on the Nature Island. My MBA and time working in Corporate Finance has enabled me to see through the smoke and mirrors of finance, and how we have allowed certain non-holistic ways of thinking to chip away at our individual and collective humanity.
I was bored and it was getting harder to keep a smile on my face in the office and outside. Learning foreign languages and working in different countries in other roles had given me some wonderful experiences as well as an understanding of myself that working at Deloitte Corporate Finance in London couldn’t quite match.

Growing the risk-taking muscle

It came as a surprise to some but not to all those who know me. I know it sounds corny but I did have a dream that triggered this all off after Mojdeh suggested I go to India. In 2002, after much anguish and advice to the contrary I sold my London flat in three months — I attracted a cash buyer and negotiated no survey! Then I hopped on a plane, vaccine-free (much to the horror of the medical scientist standing next to me in the check-in queue), still sore from major dental work, to move to India for two years to do a 2 year MA in Yoga Psychology.

During this time I also managed to star in a short film, meet the President of India,  be propositioned by a flower-planting ash-bedecked naga baba (surreal- see photo below), rediscover my love for writing and photography (the photos on this site are the result) and learn how to read Sanksrit.

I can find it hard to explain what I do professionally. It is creative inner transformation. At the heart of my role as leadership coach and team facilitator is the belief that you can only really contribute and be joyous when you feel alive, and that happens when you are being yourself, with social masks dropped away.

And that it requires a high level of emotional and relationship mastery to succeed well as a leader and within teams. I use certain yoga practices to help people relax and realise that being your soulful self gets easier with a bit of practice.

I still have work commitments in the UK, including being a facilitator for the Windsor Leadership Trust, which holds retreats for UK top leaders at Windsor Castle.  You can read more about my professional experience in martha-cuffy-bio-jan09.

Being in the bush (local vernacular for rainforest) and in water on a regular basis is essential to my wellbeing. Without these primal elements, I start to lose my playfulness which is important to me and my work as people take life far too seriously. And this attachment to what doesn’t work or what seems comfortable and known gets in the way of real transformation.

I hike around Dominica with the Dwivayez crew and with anyone who visits me, so be warned….


10 Responses to “Martha Cuffy”

  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. My loveliest,

    Is that you? Is there more of what you call an amazing life for yourself?

    I miss you, and when I looked for you, what did I see? Dominica … GREAT!

    My love,

    Daniela, from far away Romania

  3. Dear Martha
    The hat might be ablowing – and it is you who is aglowing! Keep on lighting up islands and mainlands.What joy!
    Jan x

  4. Nice blog, Martha!
    Greetings from the mainland 🙂

  5. You write beautifully…Hope to book a class the next time I’m in Dominica.

  6. Hi, there!

    Nice to see you here. Whatever happened to the newsletter you were sending regularly to me (Martha’s Musings)

  7. Hi Martha,
    I am a Black American engineer who wants to move to Dominica when I quit working next year. I was researching Dominica when a came across you blog. Are you still in Dominica?
    I took a liking to Dominica because it is a lovely island and appears not dominated and controlled by American or European interest. I am solitary non-materialistic person and can live quite comfortably without all the trapping of western life. I would like to know more about the country from someone who is presently living there.

  8. Blessings Martha!

    It was good talking with you today and I look forward to connecting again.

    Much Love, Gratitude and Respect, David /\

  9. […] and the event was confirmed Terri worked day in and day out with the help of her two friends Martha Cuffy and Celia Sorhaindo to pull off this event and it was not all about me and my food…that was […]

  10. Hi Martha!

    It was really great meeting you on the trail yesterday. You are truly inspiring!

    Perhaps I will run into you again before I leave at the beginning of July.


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