Human Design + Gene Keys – a path to Living the true U

An analogy I have found powerful is to talk about trees. Imagine growing up with your parents who are coconut trees. As an adult you discover that you are in fact a guava tree. Now you realise the pain and discomfort you have experienced because you have tried all our life to be something you are not. Even trying to pretend that the fragrant tenderness of a guava is the same as the hardy shell of a coconut. Get the picture?


So are you ready to let go of your coconut mask and be seen and loved for who you are, right down to your DNA?

This is a modern way to deeply contemplate and transform your life without having to sit hours in meditation or go away to an Indian ashram for two years like I did back in 2002. Whilst such a retreat was an incredible experience for me, it is not necessarily practical, nor congruent with your design. Nor do you have to face the sometimes tricky and vulnerable process of re-entry and integration. You integrate your learning where you are, whether that’s in Brighton, Detroit, or the Caribbean, where I live.

I was inspired and transformed by the work of  Ra Uru Hu (now deceased) and Richard Rudd, a gentle Brit whose incisive yet poetic wisdom and love pours through his Gene Keys work. He was a former Human Design Teacher in the UK.

I met him shortly after completing my 2 year MA in Yoga Psychology ten years ago in 2004. Those who know me well can attest to my passion for this work; it has added a specific depth and subtlety to my transformation work with clients like nothing else I know. Two years ago Richard asked me to be part of the founding team responsible for structuring and sharing the work to a wider audience globally. At that time the initial offering was the Prime Gifts Activation Session.

So, just what are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are a modern teaching which inspire you to create new conditions for self-love, happiness and fulfillment, right inside your busy daily life – where the change is really needed. It is real. You stay where you are, there is no guru, all that is required is a daring willingness to go on an inner journey initially kick-started by myself as a Gene Keys guide. They consist of 64 archetypes that represent a simple, poetic and profound synthesis of truths in an accessible form, which are not ready-made answers but ignite pathways into the depth of your soul. Your Prime Gifts Hologenetic Profile will show you your keys, and I will begin to explore them with you.

At the heart of it is a simple truth known by the ancients but only recently verified by Dr Bruce Lipton – “Biology of Belief”, in an innovative branch of science called epi-genetics.

consciousness creates reality

What this simple sentence means is that every thought, feeling, word and action you have is received by your DNA and transformed into a chemical signal that directly shapes your life. Through your attitude, you are the sole architect of your evolution. As you enter the world of the Gene Keys you can use this profound truth to shift how you feel about yourself and your life in a way you never imagined. This is the great adventure — it is the journey into your genius. Then it is easy to see yourself as a gift and not unworthy, as too many feel inside…

Foundation Session – Core Elements of Human Design + A Prime Gifts Activation Session

The foundations of your vision is given through The Prime Gifts Hologenetic Profile – a visual and written map of your prime gifts, expressive of your deepest essence. Simple and elegant, it is designed as a specific sequence to create breakthroughs in your daily life which is where we can feel most stuck and drained.

What do I do and how

I guide people into an inner journey to discover who they really are at their most joyous, and fulfilled. I inspire them with a vision of how they are a gift to the world and how the love they embody or essence literally perfumes the world with a unique expression and impact.

I use Human Design and Gene Keys as navigating tools, to pinpoint your unique pathway to specific qualities that unlock your higher potential.  This grounds you in seeing what holds you back in your daily life and relationships, and how you can release limitations to live out your gifts of who you really are at your core. It can be deep in its simplicity and impact.

Why is this important?

Many act out an uninspired, and stressful life because they have never experienced – the joy and vitality of feeling they are enough, and  how their gifts enrich both themselves and humanity. How many times have you gone to work with only 10% of yourself? This is a common experience as many hide from life yet long for greater joy, intimacy and love in their life.

You can see more clearly what stops from embodying who you are at your most joyous and fulfilled. When you create your daily life from this level of self-awareness, you can not only embrace but transform the fear, deadness and suffering in your world through the power of your awakened and pure heart.  And without trying, because as you start to see magical things happening to you, it has a  natural knock-on effect.

You or those around you may be experiencing rocky times, which I see as part of the fundamental changes in how we live and love that are emerging. So amidst such instability and great change, knowing who you are and how to understand and integrate what is going on, is no longer a luxury but essential.

What are the benefits for you?

Relief + Lightness. First of all you realize that you are enough in fact more than enough. That causes a lot of tension to leave your body, and with that comes the energy, inspiration and space to be and create something different in your life.

Growing Confidence – as you start to find the hidden pauses in your busy life of work, family, and social life, which enable you to see yourself more clearly, you cut yourself free from victim patterns that are draining and hold you back.

A Personal Satnav – Tune in more and more into the shadow/gift keywords and get to know the accompanying signals in your breath and body which act like an internal compass or warning beeper…. Your life flows with greater ease; you flower instead of feeling you need to be fixed.

More relaxed relationships – before you would think that someone is simply not on your wavelength. You will see yourself responding with confidence  as you realize you have choices instead of flying off the handle. You become more open as you see the drama or love you set in motion, depending on whether you are acting from a shadow or gift level of your being.

My Own Testimony

It drastically cut down my draining self-doubt – to know the naturalness with which I inspire people to connect with their true passion in life.


And I cannot tell you how vague and ill-defined a role that has been for many years, making me feel less than and poor job market material, even with my numerous degrees For rare is the person who grows up believing that income can be earned from sharing your innate unique gifts with the world.

Yet I have a canny Scottish uni chum Lottie to thank for starting to put people in my path who needed guidance at a time when people started to challenge the how and cost of acquiring the socially acceptable package – degree, graduate job, mortgage, marriage and kids. I tried to do it, by working in corporate finance for one of the big firms, and learned that my personal passions were not just a nice-to-have, but essential to live well. And with the toll of spiritual distress rising, where many feel a gap between their deepest values and how they live their life, some of my clients have behind lucrative paths to find the simplicity and beauty of themselves, not of their possessions.

This started off with random informal conversations, later supplemented by coaching and leadership training, and yoga. Most recently I have found my ability to travel with a client to the depths of soul using Prime Gifts as a genetic navigation tool the most thrilling and rewarding adventure. It saves time, makes us laugh and peels away the cynicism about us being divine sacred beings. “Am I really that special?” is the question asked to me by adults with the innocence of a five year old. Yet to be special, no trying is required – you just have to be deeply ordinary. You.

So to be given a specific key to unlock a pattern that is a familiar yet draining friend in your life and to start expressing your gifts can be nothing short of revolutionary.

Are you ready?

TESTIMONIALS – Be inspired by their experience

“I can only describe the session as being like walking through many doors into spaces which became increasingly more bright and homely. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and confess to being a bit nervous to start with, but I was soon relaxed and absorbed in the magic of what was unfolding before me. You are very light and earthy. I felt like you were holding my hand to ground and give me strength, so that I could handle the depth and truth of what I was experiencing.

It gave me a kind of blueprint to start with which brought up intriguing and profound things without me needing to dig too deep myself. A gift to get me going, and boy did it get me going! It was a relief to discover and have affirmed that there are some things which are meant to be part of me which I can now relax and play with. I felt I got to know myself on a deeper level and to love myself better. I feel sort of safer with myself. Am I acting from my gift, or from its shadow?  I am getting curious as to how people may see me, and see situations going on involving us all. The effect of the whole thing to date has been profound. Andrea Woods, UK.

Your readiness to integrate my current situation and understandings with basic information about my gifts helped me to make real time connections and see more clearly the expression of shadows and gifts in my life.  Your intuition about imparting information and gently evoking my responses gave me some important processing time and helped deepen my insights. Thank you for the wisdom and grace you shared on our call, Martha.  Pamela Mosley, USA.

This is not a reading where you are simply given information; exploring my profile together enabled me to see more clearly the things I thought everybody did, but are actually the things that are uniquely me. I experienced a sense of relief, of coming home and being seen at a deep level.” Sharon Hall, UK.

I used to be less vocal, less daring. My business is shifting as I open to magic happening in my life. Now I am feeling even more confident; through finding out who I am and feeling happy about being open and honest. Before I would disagree with people and not let them know, I was feeling a crook inside. I am giving more love. Before I was in my own world, and now there are other people in my world, I am more embracing.” Claudette Olivacce, Dominica.

“What Martha brought to this was: Her focused and intuitive presence. A profound capacity to express the principles, nuances and understandings of this approach. The session was a revelation in the truest sense, ‘making sense’ of so many internal ways of being; revealing the subtlety and clarity of who and how I am in the world.  Fun, playful and powerful – a gift generously shared and supported”. Penni Blythe-Jones, UK.

Being at a time in my life where I am ‘feeling quite lost’ and ‘wondering how I should be spending my time, Martha’s dialogue gave me confidence and help to strengthen my capacity and remain open to life. I was given some very helpful tools to support me in this process and enable me to move into higher frequencies – so my gifts can be activated. I loved her analogy of my earlier experiences being the compost – from which eventually the flowers will grow. It was reassuring that Martha could relate and understand how uncomfortable it can be living in one reality – the current status quo and to know another dimension – like straddling two worlds. …I feel more alive. My deepest gratitude. With much love. Angela Hazelton, UK.


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3 Responses to “Human Design + Gene Keys – a path to Living the true U”

  1. […] recently come out of a 4 month virtual Deep Dive Retreat as part of my involvement with Gene Keys, I feel like I am coming up to the surface and seeing things differently. More about my Gene Keys […]

  2. Blessings

  3. Martha has an attraction for me. A something very spacial. A glow of joy and knowing served with a giggle. I just asked her to be my guide to that same place. Loveliness.

    I have it ALL but I was blocking my existence with a head full of fear & doubt. Now I know my life’s purpose I am free to be the flow.So much fun!

    Stay cool. Stay nice. Thank you Martha

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