Yoga with Martha

Spa Yoga

Even before I decided to live here, six years ago, I discovered some wonderful inspiring spots for my yoga practice.


This  is one of them – stretching and re-balancing after a hike on the old trail used by villagers before the roads were cut to move from Riviere Cyrique to Bout Sable, on the wilder Atlantic  East Coast, the birthplace of my father.

After having completed my MA in yoga psychology in India in 2004, I returned here to learn how the beauty of this nature isle enhances and opens up anyone’s yoga practice. You just breath with lungs of the rainforest and let nature take the strain. It is through being on this island, that I have come to realise the depth to which I can become disconnected from my body, and trapped in stale uninspiring stories of my huge mind.

Before practising Satyananda yoga, I was an Iyengar yoga student for many years and once served as a trustee director for the Iyengar Maida Vale Centre in London.


I create rainforest yoga experiences for private groups in the gardens of Dominica’s oldest eco-inn Papillot Wilderness Retreat.

I now conduct private yoga classes and design a range of half day or full day workshops to suit a small group who wish to deepen awareness of themselves in a natural setting – it beats a noisy sweaty gym hands-down!

My holistic approach includes stretching, breathing and meditation practices that will set you up or enable you to recover from the days’ activities and adventure. The poses and experiences also enhance your appreciation of the volcanic energy of the island – we can go down to the hot magma of the earth or meditate on a piece of sweet fruit to expand your senses.


Normally within Roseau Valley area. Tailored class. Mats provided. Transport costs extra, relaxing meditative spots available at various locations across the island. Local juice or fruit provided.

And occasionally for special events, like Mero Beach.



Falling off the tarmac road of life (job loss, retirement, divorce), can leave you feeling lost, and adrift. And this is also an opportunity to launch into a profound inner inquiry into who you are and what you are really here to do which may have nothing to do with all the qualifications/skills you have been busy acquiring) . This can done with greater ease and fun, and rigorous inquiry through the outer and inner experiences I co-design with you on a 3 day or 7 day spiritual journeying retreat which takes in the beauty and nurturing energy of Dominica (imagine letting go of all your stress with nightly baths in the warm sulphur pools).

So whether you are a beginner or wish to have a yogic experience on an isle with powerful volcanic energy, please feel free to contact me on mjcuffy(at) or call me on +1 767 276 9455 or Skpe me on marthacuffy.

As a taster experience, please download my relaxation podcast, marthas-9-minute-meltdown.



2 Responses to “Yoga with Martha”

  1. Hi Martha -your background and approach sounds Advaita-Wide and heart connected! Any affordable -non-“spa like” retreat possibilities my wife & I could join for March? We’re looking for a sunny (inside & out) vacation….daily yoga, daily full meditation sets, some chanting….Thanks and full support for the work you are doing (we are in Toronto Canada)

  2. My wife and I are coming to Dominica in Feb., I am interested learning more about your 3 day retreat, please provide all pertinent information. Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day!!


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